Holiday Gift Guide for Him

I have to admit that I love making these gift guides. I love giving gifts and the hunt that goes with trying to figure out what would be perfect for the recipient. Obviously this one is geared toward B (and he already has some of these items), but I feel like they're classic (just like him). Enjoy!

1. Classic down jacket // LOVE this coat. Looks super warm and has a vintage vibe to it.

2. Filson log carrier // Because he's obsessed with fires and won't get as dirty with this handy carrier. Imagine the convenience! Also great for dads and brothers!

3. Vans // His favorite shoes.

4. Fair isle beanie // Who doesn't love fair isle? Plus I would love to borrow this all the time.

5. Wool gloves // Cozy gloves that can be used on your phone. Plus the dog ate your last pair.

6. Tape measure // A great gift for anyone, really. We are constantly losing ours and have many backups (that we always lose, haha).

7. Chess set // I love the colors of this set. I tend to gift B/us with a new board game or two every year and I would love to try my hand at chess.

8. JBL speaker // Bluetooth speaker that comes in a wide variety of colors. B is a speaker connoisseur so he may or may not agree that this is a good one, but hey, I like it!

9. North Face tent // Because our old tent is no longer waterproof and isn't this the cutest tent you ever did see?

10. Tait Design Co. clock // Made in Michigan! Love this brand... they make awesome clocks and other fun stuff like calendars and kite kits.

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