House update

Apparently we took an unplanned hiatus from the blog, but if anyone still reads this thing I figured I'd come back to update you on everything happening over here!

Also, hi, hello! I hope your summer is going as well as it possibly can. I'm very much ready for fall and cooler weather.

I'm pleased to announce that our library bookcases are officially done, but the rest of the room is not. We still need to have our stairs rebuilt - which includes the new newel posts, spindles and nosing. These things are important because the library is a loft area that's visible from the first floor (and not having spindles is a little scary sometimes).

Aside from the library, I've been painting away at the window and door trim. I've been taking my sweet time doing this because it's a process - I spackle, sand, caulk, prime, then paint... every piece of trim in this house. B still has a couple of rooms that need window trim installed - the upstairs guest room and the nursery. I'm pleased to announce that all of our doors have been installed and are currently getting trimmed out as I type this (which is suuuuuper exciting). 

Our kitchen is basically done with the exception of the upper cabinet trim, toe kick, baseboard moulding and random paint touch-ups (oh, and that one cabinet latch that Rejuvenation keeps putting on backorder) and our laundry room (which is right off the kitchen) finally has hung cabinets! 

Before countertops
After countertops (and before we put the plate rack back up)

B's been super busy with work, so the closet projects have been at a bit of a stand still... all closets are done except for the master closets. B's just needs trim (and spackle, caulk, paint, etc...) and mine is framed out but still needs dividers, trim, etc. I seriously can't wait to hang up my clothes!!! I gave B a time limit and begged him to please get it done by September.

We're currently in the process of redoing our back porch. We pulled up the beautiful green carpet that was back there, pulled off the screened in panels and doors, and had bluestone put down. The only issue with that is that we have to cut down the screened in panels because the floor is more raised than before. We plan on re-screening them as well because the screens are super old and dingy. We're also boxing out the poles. I still need to find some replacement lights to put out there and patio furniture. I found some stuff that I think I'm going to order so stay tuned for that.

(The grout was still wet in this photo)

Last but not least, we had two of our bathrooms demoed. The one we're renovating first is the first floor bathroom. It's the one that people will use when they come over and I couldn't stand to look at the floral sink anymore (if you follow us on instagram, you know what I'm talking about). We were extremely indecisive about fixtures but we found some that we loved (more on that in a separate post) and they're even better in person. The guys also demoed the master bathroom (which will be the last bathroom to be renovated) but we had the dumpster and figured why the hell not. Once they're done with the first floor bathroom though, they're going to move upstairs to the guest bathroom. 

I know this sounds like a lot has been done (which is has), but in reality there's still so much to do. Time has been a huge issue. B's been incredibly busy with work (which is a good thing!) so it's been hard for him to get projects finished. I'm happy though because we do have someone over here working on getting these things done. Anyways, I'm super excited for what's to come and I seriously can't wait to start decorating (my favorite part)!

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