Kitchen Cabinet Install Part 2

Wow, it's amazing what we can accomplish in two weeks. Our kitchen is basically done and I'm finally feeling like a normal human being again. I even made soup yesterday!

Well, I guess our kitchen isn't finished quite yet, but we've made huge progress. B and Jason only have two more cabinets to screw into the wall and once that's done they'll install the moulding that goes along the upper cabinets so there's not a weird gap there. Also, our countertops are plywood which isn't permanent (duh), so we need to figure out what we're doing there and we still need to caulk some areas.

BUT today was the sunshiniest so I'm here to show you what it looks like as of now. I plan on doing a post about what hardware we purchased, our appliances, and so on, so expect that later this week.

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