Sunday Style

Happy Sunday, friends! I can't believe it's the middle of October already... this year has gone by way too fast. I spent the last week doing a whole lot of nothing because I found out on Tuesday I had bronchitis. I usually get sick when the weather changes drastically and boy has it changed! I'm happy to say that fall finally seems to be here. The leaves have been changing like crazy and next thing we know it'll be time for Christmas decorations.

Here are some pretty things I've been eyeing lately. Hope you enjoy!

 Loving this topcoat (40% off right now)

Forever obsessed with pj sets and these flannel jammies look so comfy (other patterns available)

Cozy turtleneck (other colors available)

Too soon for a knit beanie? I think not!

Striped shirts forever and always (other colors available)

Straight leg corduroy's (other colors available)

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