Laundry Room plans

Well, well, well. Look who's back for the second time this week.

I realized I never showed you the plans for our laundry room! I'm not entirely sure you've ever seen photos of the laundry room but it's right off of the kitchen and it connects to the garage. I will take before photos before the cabinets go in (promise!). We've decided to have the cabinets painted a fun color because our kitchen will be all white (with the exception of the range which is black). The color we chose is by Benjamin Moore and is called 'Kennebunkport Green'. We tested about five colors and this one was the perfect green for the room because it's not too dark and it's not too light. This room will also have cabinets with a built in bench on the opposite wall of the washer and dryer. One of my favorite parts about our design is that we're having a drying rack that will extend off the side of a cabinet and over the sink. Cute huh? I know that these plans don't do justice, but you get the picture.

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