House update

Normally this time of year we'd have carved pumpkins on the porch, random halloweeny decorations around the house and I'd be baking pumpkin everything, but alas, there are no decorations and I hardly know if B and I are dressing up for our friends Halloween party this upcoming Saturday, but such is life. There's always next year!

We're making semi-huge progress on the house. Our floors are taking longer than we planned to be installed, mostly because Nick was having issues with his knee and needed to take a couple weeks off from flooring. I'm happy to announce that Nick has started on the second floor so hopefully they'll be done soon!!! Meanwhile, the shiplap has been installed in all but one of the bedrooms (the one that Brandon and I had been sleeping in for the past couple months), but B focused on cleaning out that room today and has been priming the edges of the boards so those will go up this week. I spackled the "nursery" and the master bedrooms and B helped hand sand those this morning as well. Now we just need to get a couple coats of paint up and those rooms will be *ready to go once the flooring is in. 

*By ready to go, I mean, the walls and floors will be done but we still need to add moulding as well as doors, haha.

Brandon has a feeling our kitchen cabinets will be ready for pick-up in two weeks, so I'm hoping he's right about that. We plan on having a drywaller come out to prep the walls and patch some holes in the kitchen because B is officially done with drywalling (I don't blame him!). Our plumber/electrician is also going to come out to hook up the outlet for the range and move the faucet to the correct location. We/I still need to figure out lighting and where we want the fixtures to go in the kitchen so we can have the electrician hoook that up and B is leaving things like register covers and cold air return covers up to me to figure out. Who knew that choosing these things was so difficult?! We also recently decided on our new stair spindles which we still need to order and we've decided it would be best for us to just box out the current newel posts. 

Along with all of that we also need to have a chimey sweep come out and clean our fireplaces/chimney to prepare for fires this winter! We plan on changing two of the three fireplaces into gas ones at some point because in all honesty, I miss having a fire at the flip of a switch. We plan on keeping the main fireplace in the living room a natural burning one, while making the one in the den and basement gas. 

Anyways, I figured I'd go into detail about everything that's going on because although we've been pretty absent from posting, we're still very much alive and working on the house. Let me just point out that we're NEVER moving again (haha)!

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