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Lighting edition!

I feel like I've been telling you for a while now that I'll show you all of the light fixtures that we purchased for the house and today is finally that day! We bought all of these a month or so ago and have hung them as they came in the mail. You guys, our house may be a hot mess right now but the lighting makes such a difference! We went with Schoolhouse for all of the lights, except for our dining room light fixture which is from Pottery Barn. We went with some classic looking fixtures because we're semi-trying to age our house (which I know sounds funny). Our house was built in 1968 but the saltbox style of our house is much older. Per usual, there are links below each fixture and I'll explain where we put each one. 

Our dining room chandelier. I love that it is traditional but has a modern swing to it. 

For the bedrooms: the Newbury 6" Surface mount (see the shade below)

Hi, my name is Jenna and I'm obsessed with stripes. Ok, so actually B picked this Black Pinstriped Drum shade for the bedroom. He knows me so well.

So believe it or not there is a difference between this mount and the one two photos above. For the master bedroom closets and the foyer: the Newbury 4" mount (see shade below)

For the rest of the closets, this little cutie pop of color: the Alabax

For the stairway: the Satellite Sconce (with the Saucer shade shown in photo)

For the basement stairway: the Newbury 2.25" (with the Cone shade shown in photo)

For above the window seat in the small bedroom (we call it the nursery because one day it will be): the Princeton Long Sconce (see shade below)

You might be wondering about our kitchen and bathroom lights, but just know that we haven't gotten that far yet. This house is a huge process and we probably won't figure out kitchen lights until the cabinets are in. As for the bathrooms, who knows when those will be done, haha.

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