Ship Shape

Well, today has been huge (technically it's Wednesday night but you won't see this until Thursday)! B and Nick got to work on putting up the paneling in the den and it's such a game changer. I'm not sure if you remember what the room looked like when we moved it but I'll refresh your memory. It was your basic den from the 1960's with textured walls (and ceiling) and reclaimed wood on the lower half of the wall that made the room look and feel extremely dark.

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Once B removed the wood, the room looked brighter and smelled better (it was super musty). He then drywalled the lower half since the reclaimed wood just covered up the insulation.

B and Nick made the shiplap weeks ago but the edges needed to be primed first and we also wanted to let it acclimate in the house because there was a lot of moisture in it and we didn't want it to shrink/gap out even more once it's on the walls. If you're wondering how they made it, stayed tuned for a tutorial(!) because they're going to be making a lot more for the other rooms we plan on paneling.

Now comes the fun part - spackling and sanding the nail holes, priming and painting! We've already tested out the color on a few boards that we put up a few weeks ago and we think it's gonna look great. I'm not sure if I told you guys or not, but we're using Benjamin Moore's 'Simply White' throughout the house. We also plan on painting the french doors as to brighten the room up even more. As far as the fireplace goes, we're going to keep it as is for now because we haven't decided whether or not we want to paint it.

Update: B primed most of the room today and it looks amazing! Can't wait to get a couple more coats up. Next up will be shiplapping the ceiling then these walls will be done!

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