Our weekend

Wow, I can't believe it's already Monday (and for those of you with kids, their first day back to school!). I've always loved this time of year. I'm currently sitting on the back porch soaking in this weather and this delicious cool breeze, not wanting to move because my legs are insanely sore from the hundreds of trips I took up and down our stairs yesterday.

It's been quite the weekend. Friday we had a dumpster dropped off because we realized we had way too much hardwood flooring for a Bagster (plus B is going to be ripping out the kitchen floors soon so we need it for that). Brandon spent half the day Friday and all day Saturday loading the dumpster while I sanded the subfloor in the living room/dining room (before Nick puts the hardwood flooring down, we need to roll on an adhesive on a clean surface).

After B loaded all of the flooring he also managed to rip out a little bit of our bedroom flooring (the last room left!) but gave up quickly on that because it's nailed AND glued down and he was too sore from moving all that wood. Instead he mowed the lawn and blew off the walk/driveway. 

Yesterday B had to work so I managed to move all of the contents of our kitchen to the guest room (hence the sore legs). B put up temporary metal shelving on Thursday so we could have some sort of organization because the kitchen cabinets are coming out today and being picked up tomorrow.

We're almost over this craziness as the flooring will be installed after Labor Day. We cannot wait. I mean, we'll be without a kitchen for a couple of months, but at least we'll have nice new floors throughout the house!

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