Our floors are here!

You guys, today is the day! Our floors have arrived! They've been safely transported into our basement and nobody got hurt while moving them - it's a Christmas miracle!

Can you tell I'm excited?

The past few days have flown by as we've been trying to figure out where to put the flooring and preparing for its delivery. We were anxious that we didn't have enough people helping out (but we did). We also couldn't figure out how many rooms 2800 square feet would take up or if the first floor could hold 14,000 pounds. Turns out the basement was the perfect place for it and it only took up one side of it. B, Jason and Nick worked their butts off and managed to get it all moved and set up within five, extremely strenuous, hours. Our delivery truck driver was absolutely amazing as well and even helped load it off the truck.

It was definitely a process and I can't imagine how the guys feel right now... I moved a tiny bit of smaller boards into the living room and I'm exhausted. The wood was in bundles so the guys had to load it off the truck and into the driveway. Once the delivery truck was gone, they then loaded into the bed of Nick's truck and drove across the lawn to the side entrance that goes to the basement. Once the bundles were loaded out of Nick's truck they had to be stacked in the basement so they can acclimate to the house. 

Now comes the fun part... tearing out the existing floors. B found someone on Craigslist that'll do it for free (he refinishes the floors and sells it), so we plan on starting with the second floor first. We're not entirely sure when he'll be able to come over but stay tuned into the blog and our instagram for more of this hardwood flooring adventure.

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