On progress

Remember when I wrote that we were going to start this house nice and slow? Doing simple things like taking down wallpaper and painting the walls? I'm so funny. While we have made progress, it sure doesn't look like it. It took forever for us to find the right white paint and so far only one room has wallpaper removed. The house is still a giant disaster which has made my anxiety level way higher than normal (forreal). I'm totally a Monica Geller (where my 'Friends' fans at?!) when it comes to cleaning and organization but I've been so ridiculously overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing.

I keep wondering why I didn't feel this way in our last house and I've come up with several reasons:

  1. We moved into our first house in February when B was a lot slower with work; we moved into this house in the beginning of May just in time for B to be insane with work... forreal, I've barely seen him this summer.
  2. We moved into our first house with nothing except a mattress (and our Keurig and coffee mugs) and the rest of my stuff was in the garage and B's stuff (all of the furniture) was in Pods. We moved into this house with all of our sh*t (and there's a lot of it). We also don't have any closets yet because the systems were removed right when we moved in so we're basically living in whatever clothes we can find. I'm not kidding when I say that my packed suitcase from our wedding weekend is still sitting on the floor in our bedroom. This is bad.
  3. We didn't have a dog. You guys, George is awesome and I love him, but he's still a puppy (aka a giant trouble maker) and looooooves getting into stuff. I'm a total helicopter parent too so I feel like I can't do anything around here unless B is home. 
  4. In our first house we had the floors refinished first. Because we're removing the current flooring and laying new floors this is taking a lot longer because the floors are essentially made to order. They should be done this week but they still have to be delivered and they still have to acclimate in the house for two weeks. 

Anyways, I should note that I'm extremely grateful for what we have. B is the hardest worker I know and he does it all for us. All of these are silly things to vent about in the grand scheme of things and I need to have more patience. Ahhhhhhhh, patience.

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