The floors

Now that it's been a couple weeks since our wedding and everything is finally starting to settle down, I figured I'd get back to more house posts (because that's what you're here for, right?). It's been hard to finish the tiny projects that we have started because we're waiting on one key part of the house... the floors. 

I think I mentioned a while back that we were tearing out the old hardwood floors and laying new ones, but didn't go into any detail beyond that mostly because we were unsure about what we were planning to do. Well lucky for us we found a company - Reclaimed Designworks - whose planks come straight from the mill and they couldn't be prettier. The only unfortunate part of this whole thing is that they take 6-8 weeks but B just got an email saying they should be done by July 22nd though so only one more month to go! Woo hoo!

We decided to go with the pre-finished woodland cut circular sawn white oak in 6 inch wide planks (shown in the photos above) because we wanted to keep with the style of our salt-box house. Plus the lighter floors will really brighten the place up (or so we're hoping). 

For now, we must be patient and focus on things like painting before we can get to B's favorite part of renovation - tearing out the kitchen and tile flooring. 

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