One week anniversary

Wow, you guys. We're married!

It's crazy that 8 days ago we were packing up the car and heading up north. I can remember last Wednesday like it was yesterday. I woke up bright and early and got Georgie ready for daycare/boarding. The second he started eating breakfast a crazy thunderstorm rolled in. Not thinking I threw a pair of moccasins on and we ran out the door. After dropping him off, I ran a ton of errands (including buying the flowers for the wedding) and eventually made it home. I took my soaking wet shoes off only to find that my feet were stained from the suede, hahahaha. Of course right? B was a saint and packed up the car with everything we needed and I packed our suitcases. We grabbed some lunch then hit the road. Once we made it up north and dropped our bags off at our airbnb we ran to B's sisters house to cut some ferns for the centerpieces, then we stopped by my parents house to visit with them and the rest of my family that came over. We finaaaally went back to our airbnb and passed out.

Our wedding day (Thursday) started off as a completely normal/non-stressful day. I woke up early and put together the centerpieces, then B and I went to this cute little restaurant in Northport for breakfast. Afterwards we took a walk by the water and just took in the sights and sounds. The weather was perfect. We went back to the house and started to get ready. Our photographer friends came over and started shooting and next thing I knew it was time to go. We drove separately and met at the venue to do our first look. After taking photos people started to arrive so I hid in the farmhouse so no one would see me. Once everyone was seated it was go time. I remember staring into B's eyes during the ceremony as if he was the only person that was there. I heard the words coming from my sisters mouth (she was the officiant) but the whole thing was a blur until we said "I do."

Our photographers and friends, Alicia and Christian, did such an amazing job capturing the day and I'm so excited to share some photos with you.

All photos by Alicia Gbur

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