Welcome to the jungle

Well it's officially our fourth day of living in the new house and we officially got the internet hooked up yesterday afternoon! YAY! Life is super insane right now (as you can imagine) but even more so with a wedding coming up in almost 3 weeks. The house is in complete disarray and I can hardly find pajamas to wear, let alone anything else. It's funny because in our old house I didn't think we had that much stuff but after moving I figured out we must've just had really amazing storage, haha.

Life here is awesome (when you ignore all of the stuff laying around). The land that we're on is beautiful and we love looking out our back window into woods. The only downside is not having a fenced in yard for Georgie but B is going to install a wireless fence today/tomorrow so hopefully Cujo won't escape.

We also set up furniture in every room (for the most part) and I got around to sorting out the kitchen. I'm a crazy super organized person and cannot live with stuff everywhere, so instead of having an anxiety attack about it, I'm going to put everything we don't need into the basement. There are numerous projects we want to start on before the wedding but we're saving the big projects until after.

First small projects include:

  • Start taking down wallpaper/start painting. The master bedroom, guest bedroom and guest bathroom all have wallpaper up that needs to come down. We also have closets that need to painted and refreshed. 
  • Add beadboard to the back of the bookshelves, trim out bookshelves with new moulding and paint. Make sure shelves are stable.
  • Figuring out the closets. We have his/hers closets in the master which are awesome, but they definitely need some re-working. Our good friend Nick (who I'm sure you remember from our previous house renovations) is going to help us rebuild those closets, as well as the other closets in the house.

After these things are done/after we get married projects include:

  • Replace flooring throughout house. You're probably like say whaaaaa?! but the hardwood flooring is different in certain rooms and we want to make everything cohesive. We're going with wide plank, white oak that will just have poly on it with no stain. Completely different from our previous home but this one doesn't get a ton of light and we want to lighten everything up. 
  • Renovate kitchen. It's hard to tell in photos but the kitchen layout is really weird. There are lower and upper cabinets on an angle and the upper ones block most of the light coming in from the window which makes the kitchen feel really dark. We're going with white cabinets and new appliances and are replacing the tile with hardwood.

Also, if you're wondering why we would post photos of crap laying everywhere, it's because we're real people... this is real life. 

You don't even want to see photos of the garage.

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