Project #1: Library

Well, well, well, look who's back for their second post of the week... this gal!

Anyways, if you follow along on instagram you can see all of the fun and exciting things that are happening over here. For instance, B and Nick got started on the very first house project a couple of days ago - the library! If you read the last post you probably saw what we planned on doing to the room but I'll give you a refresh: add beadboard behind shelves, add moulding and paint. Sounds so easy right? Right!

B decided he wanted to add a new element to the built in look so he and Nick will be building a lower shelf area below the window which I think will look great (photos coming soon). He originally wanted to add a shelf above the window but we found out that there aren't any studs to screw into so we nixed that idea, haha. We also plan on adding some bookshelf lights at the top of each unit.

The photo at the top of this post is what it looks like currently. B and Nick busted out the moulding around the window (as you can see) and finished the beadboard. The lower bookshelf will be done next week as well as the moulding and I'm going to start sanding and priming today.

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