For Richard or Poorer: Part 2

So, we've been keeping secrets for the past couple of months. We've been a bit cryptic about it on instagram when people ask what our next project is.

I'm assuming that by reading the last two sentences you probably think I'm pregnant... but I'm not (yet).

You see, it's a bit of a long story so I guess I'll start at the beginning. 

If you don't know, Brandon is a realtor and an amazing one at that. He had a listing down the street that went up for sale one day and pending the next. He got a call from an agent asking about the house (because B doesn’t mark them pending until they are through the inspection period) and said he had a client interested in the area (Ferndale/Pleasant Ridge) and asked B if he knew of any houses that were potentially being listed. B regretfully said no, but told the realtor he'd keep an eye out. 

I could tell it was stirring in B's brain and that night he asked if I would ever want to move. It was weird because my first reaction about our home and moving has always been no way, this is our forever home, never in a million years... you get the picture, but something inside of me said I'd consider it, and so we did just that. B called up the agent and told him about our house. He gave him the long list of all of the updates we've done and the agent passed it on to his client who had definite interest in it. The agent and his client came to see the house two times and during those weeks of not knowing what was happening B and I would look at houses online (or in person) to see if there was anything out there we would move for.

Eventually the woman came back and explained to her agent while she thought our home was beautiful, she wished the master bedroom was bigger and she wanted an ensuite. Whatever, it was fine and completely understandable.

So now that we knew she was out we would just live in our house and not have to worry about moving... until we realized that we kind of wanted a new project (crazy I know!). We just finished updating our house and we wanted another project to take on? MONTHS before our wedding? Why of course! 

B was working with a younger couple (hi Christian and Julia!) and they had been looking at homes in the area for a while and were having no luck. B had told me before that when they were describing their future home it sounded a lot like ours. So we talked about it and Brandon told them about the lady and the potentiality of selling our house. When he asked if they would be interested in our house they said absolutely. They came to see it that weekend. 

So, I'm sure you've guessed it by now. We sold our home.

Shocked? Confused? 

It's funny because the people that we've told (family and a couple close friends) have mixed reviews. Most people are extremely excited, but some are like, why would you ever move?! 

Either way, we're excited and we can't wait to show you our new house. I'll post photos of it soon and go into more detail next post. Stay tuned!

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