Wedding Details

Sorry for the lack of updates, friends. My computer has been out of commission since I accidentally spilled wine on it (*facepalm) weeks ago. Plus, I'm lazy and sometimes I can't think of anything to post about... I guess I should get a little better about planning content, BUT, when you blog for fun and not funds, it's easy to ignore.

Anyways, I figured I'd tell you a little bit about our wedding. It's not until June 2019 but we're basically done planning everything (for the most part).

Cherry Basket Farm


We decided a while ago/before we were engaged that we wanted to have a very small wedding... we're talking 30 people (possibly less). It's important for us to engage in conversation with every one of our guests and we both felt that with bigger weddings, it's hard to do just that. Not saying that big weddings are a mistake or wrong... it just didn't seem right for us. I have a pretty large extended family that I'm not super close with and I don't really have a ton of friends, so narrowing down the guest list has been pretty simple thus far. Plus, we plan on having a separate reception downstate for everyone that wasn't invited to the intimate wedding.


We're getting married in Northern Michigan at a venue called Cherry Basket Farm. My parents, sister and most of my dad's side of the family reside up there and now B's sister and her husband (and daughter) live there as well. We figured it'd be easiest to get married where most of our family is and wanted it to be in a gorgeous setting. The best thing about the venue, aside from the fact that it's beautiful, is that the food is made on site.


Yay! Food is made on site by Epicure Catering... we're talking local, in season, farm to table food. The only thing that isn't included is booze, which is fine because we just plan on bringing our own.


Our friend Alicia and her husband will be photographing the wedding. You can see some photos that she took of us earlier this year here.


As much as I love music and dancing, having a DJ is not us at all, so we've decided to set up a PA system and create a playlist of all of the songs we love and want to hear. Simple as that! We're also not having a wedding party so there will be no introductions or speeches to be given.


I'm testing the waters with Bloominous. I ordered a sample centerpiece because I want to see how the flowers look in real life and to see how easy it is to put together. If for some reason that doesn't work out, there are numerous places up north I can contact. We don't really need too many flowers though... just centerpieces, my bridal bouquet and B's boutonniere. As for other decorations, I'm not entirely sure what else we need other than string lights which Cherry Basket Farm provides. Am I being a little too low key about this (haha)? If you're interested in seeing more of our wedding inspiration, visit my pinterest board!

Where we're staying

We just booked our Airbnb this morning. We hadn't thought about it at all until Alicia asked a few weeks ago where we were staying/where we planned on getting ready. I was like whaaaaa? should we plan this already?! So we found a place in Northport called the Modern Farmhouse. We wanted to find a place that was "us" and not a hotel room. It has the perfect aesthetic and we're beyond excited.

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