We're So Board

Well when we moved in Jenna said "oh, the basement is fiiiiiine." Richard said "oh, I see such opportuniiiiiity." It took a lot of convincing but in the end Richard swayed me to redo the basement. In doing so it was important for us to have different zones: theatre, laundry, storage and CRAFT ROOM! Yes, a craft room.

We ordered cabinets from Cabinets.com again, poured cement countertops from Z Counterform and built a giant pegboard backsplash wall for storage. Well….that's what this entry is about.

We picked up 4 big old sheets of plywood from the local Depot and measured everything out. The boards were cut to match the size and shape of the wall. The hard part came next which was measuring out all the holes as to where we will drill. We didn't want a random pattern and everything needed to look tidy. With a full battery on our drill we bought a 1-3/8" bit and began drilling where we measured out.

Once that was done we sanded everything and deburred the holes. We grabbed a bunch of 1-3/8" dowels and cut them down to size next. Once the dowels were cut and sanded we nailed spacers on the walls where the pegboard was to go, attached the pegboard to wall, spackled and sanded the seams and then painted the pegboard. Voila! Oh, and ran some trim around the pegboard, caulked it and painted that white too.

 Sounds simple, right? Yeah, no.

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