Sorry we've been absent for the past month, but I have some amazing news. If you follow us on Instagram you already know, but...


It all happened on Monday morning when B got word that the newest issue of Seen Magazine (local metro Detroit mag) came out. We had done an interview about our house and knew that it was going to be in the August issue. It was funny because B was extra excited about it coming out and told me that it was supposed to hit the stands on Thursday or Friday of last week. Well, it came out a little later than planned, but either way, he went to go pick up the issue and planned on running a few errands afterwards. He ended up coming home right after he picked up the magazine, claiming he was super thirsty and the other errands could wait for a bit, so we sat down on the couch and we anxiously searched through the magazine for our article.

*Sidenote - the magazine uses an app called Blippar. Basically if there's a symbol on a page, you can use the Blippar app to scan the page and more information pops up on your phone. Brandon told me that they were going to use the app to feature more about us (in all honesty, I just thought it would lead people to our blog).

I read the article out loud and went back to the start of the article (where the logo was) to scan the page. That's when this popped up:

I looked over and B was down on one knee and holding the ring in his hand. I was like, "ARE YOU SERIOUS? YES! YES! YES!" Then we both started crying and B went downstairs to grab the bottle of champagne he had hiding down there for a week. 

Here we are right after, teary eyed and oh so happy.

The magazine ended up calling us on Monday night for a follow-up interview of the proposal. Read all about it here!!!

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