Current dining room view

Not too much has changed on the dining room front. We bought a new rug a few months back that we're obsessed with it. I really liked the jute rug in there but the dining room definitely needed some sort of pattern (yes, I'm obsessed with stripes). It's the same rug that we have in our bedroom except the colors are swapped. Aside from that, we also decided the dining room needed something else (see photo below). 

See the space where the giant map is? Yea, that needed to be filled with something, so I found this:

I think it'll look really nice in that area (if only Crate and Barrel would ship it already... we ordered it a month ago and it was backordered and now it looks like it's not supposed to ship until the end of July/early August. Good thing we're patient people). It semi-matches our console table in our living room, which I like. 

Whatcha think?

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