We did it

Sorry for the tiny break in posting, I've been meaning to explain why but I'm sure if you follow us on instagram you already know.

World, meet George!

We went to pick up this guy a little over a week ago in Southern Illinois and it's been quite the trip so far. B and I have talked about getting a dog here and there but I have really bad allergies and needed something hypoallergenic. Enter George.

George is a shepadoodle. A shepawhat(?!) you might ask. He's half german shepherd and half poodle and has the softest hair in the world. He's a good boy on most days, but I'm pretty sure B and I haven't had a full nights sleep since he arrived and have been busy crate training, regular training and entertaining this little guy.

If you're wondering how Richard is dealing with this, all I can say is that Richard is the best cat in the world. I moved his litter box and food upstairs and into the guest room for the time being so he reigns over the second floor, while George is on the first (or in the backyard). Richard has seen George a few times and usually doesn't get too close... we usually do this when George is sleepy so he doesn't chase after him. One day they'll be come best friends and snuggle all the time, or so my imagination leads me to believe :)

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