Well, its about tile

With all the different moving parts going on around here there's one that (while not 100% completed yet) that takes the cake. Tile.

One of the best investments we made was our 10 in. Rigid wet tile saw. Theres nothing this thing can't (and hasn't) cut. Big tile, small tile, other people's tile and more often than not, subway tile.

Picking out tile was surprisingly pretty easy so far. The backsplashes in our house are all off the shelf subway tile from Home Depot. It's super basic, durable and cheap when compared to other alternatives out there. The look is classic and its easy to install.

We went with subway tile for both of our kitchen backsplashes, our laundry room wall, basement bar backsplash and throne room walls. When we redo our master bathroom next month you can guess what tile we are using for the shower area.

For the basement floor we went with a silver hex tile from The Tile Shop. We absolutely love it although it turned out to be a huge pain in the butt to install due to our basement floor being out of level. Seeing as how our basement floor is from 1926, it created some unique elements when it came to putting such a complicated pattern down in such a large area. The corners of the basement floor pitched up and the middle dipped down. Lets just say that it took a lot of time and patience to lay the tile out properly in a pattern before mortaring it in…

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but we also installed heated floors in the laundry room under the tile. WarmlyYours sells kits that make it relatively easy to install. This makes a huge difference in being able to walk downstairs barefoot in winter. Oh, and we bought a kit for our master bath too. Stay tuned on that update when we finally decide on a tile for the bathroom floor.

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