Theater Room Things

The final piece of the puzzle for the theater room is getting the screen built and installed. After much research we went with a ready to assemble screen from EliteScreens. With all their different screen options we went with the Aeon line as it was borderless and more refined.

The screen arrived last week, but unfortunately we had to order some missing pieces from them so only now could we get around to final assembly. It wasn’t rocket science to build the frame and stretch the screen, but it was a minor pain the the butt… especially as we soon found out that the missing parts they sent us were the wrong ones (of course)!

So we ordered the missing (then wrong) center support bar which should be here by the end of the week. In the meantime, the screen is in place and almost ready to be hung. It comes with a thin black metal border which is optional to use. I placed the border on the left half of the screen and left the right half borderless. The verdict is out on which we will go with (probably borderless)... but would love your opinion.

As for the sconces, we ended up deciding (and ordering) the same sconces that we have in our bedroom (for continuity). Those are supposed to be here by Friday (woo hoo!) and hopefully we'll eventually decide on a new carpet (as soon as B stops bringing home new samples, haha) so that will be the icing on the theater room cake.

ALSO, stay tuned for our post on Friday for some HUGE (to us) news!

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