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Wrapping up another (small but important) basement project this week, our speaker covers are finished!

Designing our theatre with 9.2 surround sound means we needed a lot of speakers. Translation: we needed a lot of speaker covers. Form and function both take an equally important role when it came to our theatre. With the average home theatre build costing between $10,000-$30,000, it was important for us to get the same results with a lower price tag.

I had a lot of older (90's vintage) hi-fi speakers that were in excellent condition and cost (somebody) a fortune when they first came out. After having all the speakers cleaned and serviced to make sure they were an adequate fit for our system we were ready to go! Chris from AllPro Audio came out and designed our setup and speaker placement. He matched up speakers to components and ran all the cables and wires for equipment. From there I built the entertainment center, poured the cement countertop, etc... The only thing left to do was build custom speaker covers for the cabinet to hide our speakers.

After going through about 20 different samples of speaker fabric and trying to match it to our cabinet (and carpet), we decided to go with fabric from Guilford of Maine. We ordered way more than needed (as I've never attempted a project like this before) and after watching a few YouTube videos on building speaker frames and stretching the fabric, we were set.

You can kind see in the photo above the gray speaker covers for the entertainment center... more photos once the basement is finished (also the verdict is still out whether or not we want the frame on the projector screen if you're wondering why half the screen is framed in black, haha.)

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