Quick update

Hi! Hello! How are you? (Ever write notes to your friends in middle/high school and ask what's up down and all around? N2MH!)

Anyways, we have some not so good news. The carpet was supposed to be installed in the basement last Thursday but unfortunately (dun dun dun), it was not. Turns out the measurements were wrong and the guys that came to install it had to be the bearers of bad news. Also, turns out that the pattern of the carpet we picked isn't so forgiving when it comes to seams so the installer suggested picking out a new one.

You know what's not really fun?

Picking out carpet.

After what felt like hours in Lowes we ended up coming home with two samples. Once we actually decide it'll probably be around another month for them to come out and install it. Anyways, I promise I'll stop complaining, because...

OUR COUCH CAME! and wowee do we love it! It's comfy and huge and awesome and soft and I can't wait to decorate it with all of the striped pillows and these crappy iPhone photos I took don't do it justice!

Also, B finished the drywall and painted the entire room (even though he claims touch-ups need to be done) AND he and Nick poured the concrete countertop (more on that later). For now I just wanted to give you a quick update on our basement and talk about how B is the best person alive. See photo below for the projector box he built!

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