Not the Guest Room Tour

Happy Friday you guys! I hope you have some fun and exciting things planned for this weekend!
Tonight we're meeting some friends at the Dakota Inn and tomorrow our friend Alicia is coming over to take photos (which means I'll be cleaning like crazy today)!

So, I realize that there are two more rooms of the house that you haven't seen (as well as the basement), BUT, one of those rooms (the upstairs bathroom) has not been touched since we moved in, and the guest room is the hottest mess you've ever (not) seen. I figured I'd just make another mockup (please tell me if you're sick of these) of what I envision our guest room to be. We have most of these things, including the bed, dresser, nightstand, woolrich blanket, floral artwork and rug, but we moved the navy wingback chair (shown in the photo below the mockup) to the dining room. Aside from the chair, I would like to just add some pillows, artwork and little things here and there (plants, candles, etc...) Tell me what you think!

Here's an iPhone photo of the guest bedroom *from months ago when it was actually clean:

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