Couch update

Disregard the couch in the basement design post! We changed our minds (oops!). We still stuck with West Elm but we wanted to see the couch in person (to make sure it was comfy and pretty), so we went to the store. They didn't have the Paidge couch in stock but they did have this one:

Meet our new couch - the Andes Terminal Chaise Sectional. This guy is a bit larger than the one that we originally planned on buying, but we like the arms of this one better (they're similar to our RH couch), it's super comfy, has a bigger seat depth and chaise, fits more than 2-3 people, AND it's going in the theater room so we should be extra comfortable right? Right. The only thing we kind of hate about it are the legs, but we're going to replace them with wood. 

Here's the one we were going to buy: 

It's pretty but tiny!

What do you think? Did we make the right decision? (I know we did!)

Also, we'll be needing help choosing sconces because we can't quite seem to decide on those. I'll tell ya all about it next week. Happy Weekend!!!

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