House Tour: Office

Hiiiii! Welcome back to our house tour. Today I'm going to show you the office, aka, the room that we're still trying to figure it out in the furniture/decor department. It's a little oddly shaped and we would love to add something like a bookshelf or some other piece of furniture, but we can't really put anything on the wall with the windows, because, well, windows, and the other wall is angled a little weird. The previous owner used it as the nursery, which made sense because a crib can easily fit in there, but as for anything else, it's kind of tricky. Either way, it's much better than it was. B and I actually saw listing photos from a few previous owners back that had turned this room into a "walk in closet" which is bizarro to me considering there are TWO closets in it (haha)!

Like our bedroom, which had smurf blue painted hardwood floors underneath the carpet, this room had white painted floors (I have no idea what these people were thinking). Aside from removing the carpet, painting the walls, replacing the windows and light fixture, we also put in a french door (the same as our bedroom) to let in the light!

Office (aka nursery) before:

Office now:

Sources: Desk // Shell Chair (vintage Eames) // Lamp (old Anthro) // Artwork (old RH) // Rug // Ceiling Light (similar) // Chair // Floor Lamp (old Anthro) // Anything else, just ask! :)

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