House Tour: Library

If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you'll know that I've already done a post with photos of the library, BUT, because I've been trying to document our "it's almost been one year" house tour, here it is again!

The library didn't really need a whole lot of work done to it. Aside from having the hardwood floors refinished and re-stained and painting it white, the only other thing we did was put new windows in and changed the hardware to the built-in desk and drawer. I will say that the room is so much warmer with the new windows (!)... before it was like an ice box. It's definitely my favorite room to spend time in on rainy days and I really can't wait until spring to open up all of the windows and just enjoy it. There are some tiny changes I'd like to eventually make to it, like adding a seat cushion and possibly painting the walls a different color (or the back of the shelves) and maybe configuring the books/shelves a little differently and definitely adding artwork to the walls, but it's fine for now!

Library before:

Library now:

Sources: Chairs // Table (similar)// Rug (from our trip to Maine last year, similar) // Knobs // Plant Basket // Artwork (vintage) // Stool (vintage) // Lamp (similar) // Ceiling light //

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