What's going on?

Well, since it's been two weeks since I last updated, so I'll tell ya all about what's been going on around here, because if you follow us on instagram, you've probably seen our construction photos and stories. (Also, hi! hello! I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. Ours was wonderful! We hosted it, and I had the best time decorating the table and making pies and biscuits)

Things going on around these parts:
  • Basement is under construction: walls are being removed, stairs are being redone, carpeting is on its way out, new cabinets have been ordered and stored.
  • The FIREPLACE is finally under construction. The floor tile has been picked up and the concrete planks have been ordered (we're doing shiplap!). 
  • All fixtures for the upstairs bathroom have been ordered, which includes: pedestal sink, toilet, light fixture, tub and sink hardware (see this post for more about that).
  • Windows have been ordered and should be installed by the end of December. Yes, that's right, we're getting all new windows up in here. After getting the new ones installed in the living room, we decided to bite the bullet and do the rest of the house. All of our windows are original and I love the wavy glass, but some of them don't open because they've been painted shut (my fault, oops), and they let so much cold air in!
  • I finally finished painting the French door in our bedroom. Next up: the one in the office!

So, clearly we've been busy and that's not even including work and school (I'm so ready for Christmas break). Not complaining though! We're most definitely in the Christmas spirit and had our tree up even before Thanksgiving 😜

Goodbye wood paneled walls in the tool room!


French door:

Christmas tree and Thanksgiving tablescape (just because):

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