The Grass is Always Greener (when you install new sod)

OMG you guys, the landscaping, new pavers and new sod has been put in and it looks amazing (and just like those photoshopped images B cooked up in the last post)!

Let's not forget about the before pictures (I just realized I never took photos of the holly bushes that surrounded the back deck):

The crew came out last week to remove the old sod, put in the new landscaping and mulch, and install the new brick pavers for the front walkway, back walkway and landing pad behind the garage for the garbage/recycling bins. These guys were soooooo nice, super efficient and everything else we could ever ask for out of a landscaping crew. 

They came back over yesterday to install the sod and now it looks like a brand new house! Brandon got a sprinkler system installed a couple weeks ago so the sod and new plants will get plenty of water (don't worry!). 


What we (the landscapers) did:

- Planted 6 hydrangeas in front of the yew bushes out front
- Planted 1 white flowering dogwood tree in the front yard
- Planted 5 stella de oro plants around tree currently out front
- Tore out the horrible holly around the back deck and planted boxwoods all around
- Planted 5 arborvitae around the air conditioner
- Planted 5 cleveland pear trees along the back fence
- Planted 6 hydrangeas in between said pear trees
- Planted a bunch of hostas along the side of the garage
- Mulched everything!
- Re-sodded the front and back yard
- Re-paved the front walkway and added a new back walkway and pavers behind garage

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