It's about damn time!

Along with the exterior of the house being painted, we also had sprinklers installed to prepare us for our...


Not that there's anything wrong with what we have now (yes there is) but we need to spice things up a bit and finish the exterior the right way.  So yea, sprinklers have been installed in the front and back, the grass (if you can call it that) in the front yard will be coming up so we can replace it with sod, hydrangeas galore will be put in, as well as new pavers and mulch, some trees and a partridge in a pear tree.

We're leaving the yew bushes but we'll be putting hydrangeas in front of them to soften them up a bit along with new mulch, 

This entire area will be filled with stella de oro's and the walkway will be busted out and replaced with pavers (that look similar to brick).

As I'm writing this I'm having Brandon make a little mock-up of what the front and back yard will look like once the landscaping is done.

Front yard:

Back yard:

(Please note that these mock-up photos are very accurate).

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