A moment we've all been waiting for

YOU GUYS! Guess what?

After months of living in a fish bowl, the front window has been replaced! We're extremely excited about this.

It's funny because when we moved in, Brandon thought the window was horrible (he was right, obvs), while I didn't think it was so bad at all (oops, my mistake!).


Even Richard's like "Mom, what were you thinking?!"

Anyways, I had to leave to do some school stuff this morning and Brandon had to take off for work, so we told the guys to go in the front door and just get started (Brandon left them some beverages and a cute note). They were scheduled to come at 11:30 am, and as I pulled up to the house at approximately 11:32 the giant window was already taken out and things were already looking better. 

Literally two hours (if that) later, the new windows were in and our living room and the exterior of our house looked completely different. Now we just have to paint the trim and the other windows white to match (and pick out a navy for the rest of the exterior).   


After getting numerous quotes, we ended up going with double hung Pella windows from Lowe's. We wanted them to match the other windows in the house (which are all original), so the mullions in the upper part of the windows work perfectly. 

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