The exterior paint session has begun...

And our next door neighbors couldn't be happier. Not.

While we understand that painted brick isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that some people like neutral colors like gray (instead of 'hale navy'), we like what we like (and it's our house!). 

Anyways, sorry for the tiny rant... I've definitely had a case of the Mondays (especially after a mug toppled off of a shelf at work and cracked my iPhone screen). Life goes on, and progress happens. The sun is out, it's a perfect 70 degrees, Nick and Brandon are building things in the garage while John and Mark paint the house at lightning speed.

The first coat of paint on the back of the house was actually the wrong (but right) color. Let me explain...

John went to Sherwin Williams to get our 'Hale Navy' color and started on the back. It looked amazing. The first spray on the brick was like a fresh breath of air. But just yesterday Brandon and I were looking at the color and we were talking about how it looked a lot bluer than the sample that he picked up from Pittsburg Paint. So we tested the sample on a couple of the new blue bricks and realized that the sample we had was a lot darker and a lot grayer. Brandon and John then went to the paint store to figure out what was the real 'Hale Navy'. Well indeed, John got the right color, but the sample that Brandon picked up was most likely an old version of 'Hale Navy'. So, after receiving two new 5 gallon buckets of paint (luckily), our house is now the color of the sample Brandon picked up. We're just calling it our custom color because we actually have no idea what it is, but we love it! And we appreciate how hardworking John and Mark are to go over the entire backside of our house. We're currently using 'Hale Navy' as the first coat on the house and then the custom color will be the second coat. We're just trying to freak out our neighborhood into thinking we're painting our house superman blue... (kidding). 

HUGE difference in color
The brick portion with the new custom color

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