New project

Oh Brandon, the most dedicated person I know.

He spent half of the day yesterday digging holes with an old fashioned auger so that he and Nick could put the posts in for our...

NEW FENCE (obviously, as you can see above)!

This was another one of Brandon's ideas that he added to the list of things to do around the house all while he's been insanely busy at work. Like I said... dedicated. 

They almost finished putting the posts in yesterday and as I type this they're almost on their last leg of putting the fencing up. Luckily for us (well, them) we only had to do two sides of our yard. Did I mention that most of this was done in the rain? Poor guys. 

Per usual on a rainy and gloomy day off, I spent most of my day doing laundry and finally getting around to cleaning things up (inside). I went outside to give the guys water, check on their progress and snap some photos and they were moving so fast! Next thing I knew it looked like this:

I think the guys deserve a round of applause. 

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