Garage stuffs

Sooooooo, if you recall a few blog entries back I talked about how Brandon wanted to change up the garage a bit to make it useable and in order to do that we wanted to build a room at the back of it where we could store stuff and on the side of the storage room is where our 7-up cooler would go.

As you can see in the photo above, the back left side had a cut out, but since our cooler is taller than that space, Nick took that top piece down and opened it up so it would fit. Next to the cooler he built a tiny staircase leading to the storage area on top of the storage room (where we will store our outdoor furniture and whatnot in the winter).

This is a photo of Nick pointing at something (which he does from time to time). Actually he's pointing at the line where he needed to cut because we're attaching sliding barn doors.

Here's the actual cut-out of the door frame. Inside we're building shelves that will span the length and the corner (to hold things like paint cans and other garage stuffs).

The tiny staircase is amazing and I love it. The photo above is what the garage looks like as of today. Brandon and Nick still need to add the rest of the shelves inside the room and attach the barn doors. Once that's all done the entire interior of the garage will be painted... you guessed it! white! and the exterior will be the same blue as our house and the garage door will be white (just like the trim of our house).

As I type this, another Brandon and Nick project is taking place which I will talk all about tomorrow. I bet you can't wait!

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