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Schoooooool's out for summa and I'm back at the blog and I vow I will update more often. I get it. I constantly say that, but I mean it this time. Now that I'm not going to be insanely busy with school, house stuffs and work, I can focus most of my time strictly on house stuffs (and work).

So where was I?

I last left off talking about the back porch and how we changed the layout of the steps. Well since then (and you will know this if you follow us on instagram), we have stained the deck, put patio furniture out, carried Brandon's ginormous ceramic grill up the steps and onto the deck, and have even planted a few things. Seeeeeee:

We transplanted three holly bushes that were on the other side of the steps and reunited them with the rest of their family because we decided to plant arborvitae in their place. On the day we bought the arborvitae we had already gone to Lowe's two times before settling on the idea of having three arborvitae bushes in a row (as opposed to the two). That day we visited Lowe's FOUR times... did I mention it was a Saturday too?! The first time was to buy those hanging ferns you see pictured above, then we went back to buy the two arborvitae, the third was to buy the third arborvitae and the fourth was to buy those sweet little flowers you see pictured below.

Brandon, being the angel that he is, dug the holes and had these planted within minutes. Three looks better, amiright?

Mmmmm, phlox (which smells heavenly) and daisies (because they're my fave). 

(More info: deck stain is 'Lodge Brown' by Sherwin Williams,  patio set is Restoration Hardware, and the colorful pillows and rug are from Target)

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