Back deck post

I'm sorry we keep meeting like this. Almost every day Brandon and I talk about updating the blog... but that consists of uploading the billions of photos we've taken and then the whole 'where do we go from here because a ton changes every day with the house' thing.

But I'm back! And I have things to say and I may or may not have photos to attach.

As I type this Brandon and Nick are installing the new stairs to the deck. I should talk about how this all started before we even owned the house. When Brandon and I saw the potential in this house and the giant deck out back, we fell in love. The one thing that we didn't like about the deck was the angled steps down to the grass. We were pretty much ignoring the outside of the house until about a week ago - the weather was nice and we were feeling very excited about using the ginormous deck for entertaining. We talked about what color we wanted to stain it since it's currently (almost) barn red which is not us. We tested out numerous samples and I think we settled on a basic brown - Sherwin-Williams', 'Lodge Brown' to be exact. From there Brandon decided to power wash it (apparently that's what you do before you stain it) and found numerous boards that were rotted and needed to be replace. Most of those boards were coming from the stair region. He then took those boards out and asked my opinion on what we should do... whether we should just keep it and replace those boards or eliminate the angle completely. I then thought back to the first time we saw the house and the words that came out of his mouth... "we're not angle people."  I quoted that back to him and we decided to change the stairway altogether.

(A very bad picture of the "before" but you can at least see what I'm talking about)

So the stairs are in, the railings are installed, soon the porch will be stained and I will be back with the "after" photos!

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