We gave up...

Well, you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. File wallpapering under fold 'em for us.

Jenna picked out this amazing Rifle Paper Co wallpaper from Hygge and West. It was all in the master plan to wallpaper the commercial sized bathroom next to the kitchen with this wonderful paper. We measured, planned, measured and measured again. Then we bit the bullet and bought just as much paper as we needed.

As neither of us had wallpapered before we decided to pop some popcorn, dim the lights and watch YouTube videos on it by the fireplace. The following morning we called every wallpaper installer in the area in hopes of dodging having to tackle this project by ourselves. We found very few installers and the only one that called us back quoted us at $700 for our powder room and told us we needed 14 rolls of wallpaper (the paper Jenna picked out cost $180 a roll).

So we gutted the bathroom, Nick did the hardwood floors, we sanded and prepped the walls and then laid out our wallpapering station and grabbed a beer.

Fast forward to the next morning when I picked up the phone and called a referral from John, our painter, and hired them on the spot. She came out 3 days later and finished the job we started for us. Her name was Denielle and I learned more about margaritas and hot rods than I ever thought I could in a lifetime. She had been wallpapering for 30 years and busted our bathroom out perfectly in a couple hours. Needless to say, it looks incredible and costed way less than $700!

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