Come on baby light my fireplace

We made the switch to LED! After some research on the net we decided to join the modern world and retrofit our recessed lights with LED kits. We hunted around for the best kit at the best price, eventually settling on Lowe's brand 2 pack on sale from $30 to $20 (plus I have a lifetime coupon for 10% off from Lowe's being a realtor).

The difference is clear when we installed the kits. It's as simple as screwing in a lightbulb. Each light is estimated to cost only $1.30 per year in electricity and lasts over 30 years. We opted for the warm white at 2700K and WOW is the difference remarkable. Pictures do it no justice but here above the fireplace you can see the standard incandescent bulb on the left and the LED retrofit bulb on the right (the lights are dimmed for better illustration).

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