Bless Our Mess

Hi everyone! Is it weird that this is our current living situation and I couldn't be happier? We officially moved into the house on Friday and celebrated by popping a bottle of champagne (that was gifted to us from the previous owner) and ordering the finest take out pizza (jealous?). We've taken on a few projects as you'll see in the photos posted below. 

Our friend Nick is currently working on the hardwood floors upstairs - for those of you following our adventure on Instagram, you probably saw the smurf colored hardwood floor hidden under the carpet in the master bedroom. Luckily, the floors are all sanded and perfect and are ready to be stained tomorrow so we'll be able to move out of the dining room (which we're actually getting used to/kind of loving) and into our bedroom on Sunday.

As for the other various projects going on, the library is no longer beige and is instead painted a glorious shade of white aside from the trim and bookshelves that I plan on doing tomorrow. We've also painted the living room white, along with the trim that needs another coat or two because we're painting over the hardwood (please don't yell at us). Brandon took out the upper kitchen cabinets as well as the stove/refrigerator (that we plan on gifting to some friends) so we've been dining out around town/the nearest fast food places (I can't wait for our new kitchen). 

The half baths' vanity is demolished and gone and this weekend we (Brandon) will be ripping out the kitchen and the bathrooms' tile to be replaced with hardwood which Nick will start on Monday. We also had one too many beers the other night and attacked the corner cabinet in the dining room with a hammer, so now that's out of the way.  

(The ridiculous amount of garbage on the curb/garbage pickers)

(Yes, that's wood paneling)

(Goodbye vanity)

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