What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Today is the day our kitchen plans were (almost) finalized! Sherwin Williams 'naval' cabinets, brushed brass pulls by Lew's Hardware, butcher block counters, farmhouse sink, and so forth. The layout has been an interesting journey as the kitchen does not currently have a conducive flow. Currently the stove is smashed next to the refrigerator when you walk in, and the sink and dishwasher are on opposite sides of the room. Using Pythagorean's Theorem, while taking into consideration the waxing moon and increase in barometric pressure resultant from global warming, we moved the stove over to another wall.

Cabinets are shaker style with flat front drawers. We settled on a Viking range, hood and dishwasher (they are having a promotion). Fridge will be Sub Zero (hand me down), with a front panel to match the cabinets. All drawers and cabinets are soft close and there will be a large double door pantry with pullout shelves to the left of the refrigerator. Icing on the cake are the upper glass front cabinets for glasses and dishware. 

The important key to our kitchen was workability. Dishwasher needs to be directly to the right of the sink, stove to the left of the sink, and a refrigerator big enough to house twice the daily allotment of ice cream. Beyond that, the verdict is still out in regards to lighting and a faucet. All other incidentals have been selected starting with the rug. Delivery time is 5-7 weeks for the cabinets. How soon do we want the kitchen? Now... (or should we say, yesterday)

These photos are the rendition that cabinets.com gave to us after we gave exact measurements of our kitchen and appliances that we plan on using. The color of the cabinets are a little bit darker than the ones pictured above (and to be honest, that wine and cake shown on the counter would most likely be gone).

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