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My Birthday

Can't argue with this advice! Taking the rest of the week off from posting but will be back next week for a tour of our half bath and more updates on our basement! 

Basement things

Last week Brandon worked hard to purge and clean out the basement/garage. The basement, which we're completely redoing is B's project that he's super excited about (I am too). Half of the basement is carpeted right now and is just a big open room, and the other half is your basic cement floor and is sectioned off into the laundry room and the tool room  (along with a storage room and a bathroom-which we call the throne room). We're going to tile the one half and replace the carpet in the other. The big open room will become a theater room/family room, the tool room will become a craft room (for me, because B's the sweetestest) with a ton of cabinets, and we'll be adding cabinets/transforming the laundry room. Confused? I am.

Here's a little mock up of what the theater room will look like. Brandon has these two giant leather chairs that we originally had in the library but were way to big for that room, so we're putting them in the basement. Eventually we might get some sort of sectional so we can have more than just the two of us down there. Also, once we figure out tile and carpet choices I'll post more about it.

Friday Favorites

I can't believe it's Friday again and that it's already (almost) the middle of November! Tonight we're going to see John Carpenter, which should be super fun/interesting, and tomorrow night we're going to a friend's wedding reception. In between all of that I plan on finishing up some homework so I can spend my birthday (Wednesday, the 15th) not doing homework, haha. Anyways, here are some things I found for ya this week!

My parents got me these L.L. Bean wicked good camp moccasins while they were in Maine and omg they're the best things ever and every one should own a pair.

My go to brownie recipe as of lately. I made these the other day because I was missing having Halloween candy around the house (could explain my recent break outs).

B's family is coming over for Thanksgiving this year and we're so excited to host it. I'm trying to figure out table settings and decorations (but I really can't wait to put up a Christmas tree!). Here's some cute ideas!

These flannel sheets are the cutest and I had to have them.

Are you sending out holiday cards this year? Rifle Paper Co is my all-time favorite and they always have the best cards (and postcards!).

(The above photo is a snippet of our bedroom which we're still working on. Full tour of bedroom to come soon!)