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All Strung Out

Well, summer is here which means it's time to turn our attention back on the outside. We built raised beds behind the garage a few weeks ago (and they are doing really awesome), did some more landscaping (planted lilac bushes, boston ivy, etc…) and most importantly hung our Feit string lights from Costco! Easier said than done as we have come to realize.

Hooked on You

So with the world's largest half bath (seen here), it would make sense that we have an awkward hallway next to it. The hallway is long and skinny—not much you can do with it… or is there?

The Garden of Eatin'

Last year we landscaped our entire back and front yard (you can see the transformation here), however, behind the garage was some real estate that we never took advantage of. We moved our garbage and recycling bins behind the garage and installed a brick patio landing for them. We mulched back there and planted a few random boxwoods and arborvitae. But that wasn't enough…