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Upstairs update

Oops! I realized I was supposed to come back on Tuesday and I completely forgot.

I really just wanted to let you know that our flooring is DONE! Well, except for our stairs and landing, but that'll hopefully be done very soon. B focused on prepping the floors upstairs so Nick could easily put them down. The prepping part was probably the hardest because he had to carry the hardwood floor from the basement to the second floor which wasn't fun at all. He also had to vacuum the floors and roll on a moisture barrier that's equally as stinky as oil-based primer. I focused on painting all of the shiplap in the bedrooms upstairs. Here are several photos (obviously not styled at all, haha) of the upstairs with flooring! Just remember that we still need to paint the windows & ceilings, install moulding, change out light fixtures/switch plate covers, outlets/outlet covers, add air vents and closet doors (and normal doors!).

Sunday Style

On a Monday! Then I'm coming back tomorrow with some huge progress photos from the weekend. Are you excited or what?! I know I am.

I love me a fair isle sweater and this one is adorable

Red beret (more colors available)

Cable knit sweater (other colors available)

I'm not really a jewelry person but this necklace is the perfect amount of delicate

The sweetest Mary Janes 

Red lace pull on pants (other colors available)

The perfect holiday purse (I realize it's not even November but I'm one of those people)

A sweatshirt for those days you're snowed in (or not)

Tartan pajama pants because I'm obsessed with pajamas

Laundry Room plans

Well, well, well. Look who's back for the second time this week.

I realized I never showed you the plans for our laundry room! I'm not entirely sure you've ever seen photos of the laundry room but it's right off of the kitchen and it connects to the garage. I will take before photos before the cabinets go in (promise!). We've decided to have the cabinets painted a fun color because our kitchen will be all white (with the exception of the range which is black). The color we chose is by Benjamin Moore and is called 'Kennebunkport Green'. We tested about five colors and this one was the perfect green for the room because it's not too dark and it's not too light. This room will also have cabinets with a built in bench on the opposite wall of the washer and dryer. One of my favorite parts about our design is that we're having a drying rack that will extend off the side of a cabinet and over the sink. Cute huh? I know that these plans don't do justice, but you get the picture.