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Sunday Style

Hey friends! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and a relaxing Sunday morning. B is the busiest person in the world right now (which is a good thing) so my day will be spent hanging out with Georgie and enjoying the AC, most likely reading or cross-stitching because I'm a thousand years old (here's what I'm working on now). Anyways, I'm back with more stuff I've been adding to my online shopping cart (but not buying because I already have enough and our closets are out of commission) - enjoy!

Super cute striped sweater that can be worn all year round 
(I'm obsessed with stripes in case you couldn't tell)

Point Sur wide-leg crop jeans (I personally own and love these and they're on sale)

Love this floral jumpsuit (other colors available)

Can't go wrong with these gingham shorts

Linen-blend blazer (other colors available, love the cream one too)

You're probably like, "whaaaaa, another jumpsuit?!" Of course. It's blue and plaid!

Striped t-shirt dress (under $15 and comes in different colors)

Summery espadrilles

Library update

If you follow us on instagram, you've probably seen variations of these photos, but this is currently what the library looks like (sorry for the crappy iPhone photos and the mess). The books aren't exactly how I want them but it's nice to get them out of the boxes that were in the garage. As for the tv, we're not for sure whether or not it's going to stay, mostly because we already have a tv set up in the den (I feel so fancy calling it the den, hahaha). We most definitely need more books and once the new floors go in we'll add the moulding and the bookcase lights and call it done.

As for the lights, we bought six of these guys from Restoration Hardware. I believe the ones that we bought are 12 inches but I can't seem to find them on the website. Finding picture/bookcase lights is extremely tough and there are so many beautiful ones out there that just aren't cost efficient, but I feel like the ones we bought are the best bang for your buck. We also bought a new sconce for the stairway because the old one was hideous but I'm going to be writing about all of our new lighting (with links) in a post coming up very soon. Stay tuned friends!

Sunday Style

Hey everyone! I figured I'd switch it up a bit and share some of my favorite summer clothes/outfits. I'm going to try (try being the operative word) to do this every Sunday, so stay tuned!

Alright guys, I get so many compliments on this purse. I'm sure you've seen many fashion influencers carrying it, but the best thing about this one is that I bought it off Amazon for a steal - $30! Totally worth it.

I bought these woven shoes in the spring and am constantly wearing them. They're super simple and look cute with everything.

It's a navy and white gingham jumpsuit. What more could you ask for?

This dress is my new favorite thing ever. I've never bought clothes off of Amazon before, but I took a chance on this one and I'm so glad I did. It's light, airy and can be dressed up or down. 

These sandals go with everything and are also super comfy. Only $12 and they come in other colors.

Cream wide-leg pants and a striped top, yes please.

Top everything off with some orangey-red lipstick and amber oil and call yourself done.