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The theater room in the basement is so close to being done and we're so excited! Here's a little glimpse of our basement design, including the carpet we ordered, the gray cabinets that are installed in the room and the navy velvet couch we just ordered! 

Sources: Carpet // Cabinets // Couch // Coffee table // Artwork // Lamp // Throw // Pillows // Globe

More basement updates

Hi! Hello! How are you? Good, I hope!

Things are going over here! Poor B is just constantly covered in drywall dust from spackling and sanding the basement, and I'm over here just dusting everything he's touched (haha), just kidding. But yea! Progress is still happening in the basement, but unfortunately for you (and me) I hardly know what's going on because the only time I go down there is to do laundry. We had Lowe's over yesterday to measure for carpet which is super exciting because that means the non-tiled half of the basement will be carpeted with non-gross carpet (the stuff down there is a nasty shade of brown). Anyways, I can't wait to get my boyfriend back from the deep, dark, depths of the basement, but in the meantime, here are a few photos of progress that's been made:

Our One Year House Anniversary

February 3rd marked the one year anniversary of closing on our home. To our surprise when we got the keys from the seller she told us that there was a bottle of champagne at the house waiting for us in the refrigerator. So for our first meal that night we ordered a pizza from the closest pizza place, drank Korbel champagne out of coffee mugs and celebrated our first night in the new house together.

Fast forward to one year later and our yearly tradition of sitting on the floor enjoying pizza and champagne out of coffee mugs to celebrate the day we made this house our home.

The perfect day only got better by one thing: a visit from a photographer friend of ours. So, this post is definitely not a house tour, but does feature photos of the house, yours truly and B (and a couple of Richard) that were shot by our friend Alicia. They're too beautiful not to show off and we were lucky to have her come over on our 'One Year Anniversary in the house'!

Also, sorry for the late start to the week, the weather has been so cold and snowy and I'm in total hibernation mode after this fun filled weekend. We hope you enjoy!