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Window Trim

Amidst all of the other projects we have going on, we got a delivery of lumber for our trim and baseboard and a new router table for Brandon. He wanted to test out the bit on his new router table and once he started going he couldn't stop. B's making all of the trim and baseboards himself and installing them all (by himself) and he's doing a wonderful job. I'm just soooooo happy about it. Not having trim up makes a room look incredibly unfinished, so this is just more light at the end of the tunnel. I spackled the nail holes but still have to sand and caulk everything before I can prime and paint.

Countertops and Doors and Stairs, Oh My!

You guys, I just realized it's been over a month since our last post. I'm the worst.

We haven't had a ton going on over here recently. I finally finished painting all of the windows which took forever. I still need to spray out the hardware, but it feels so good to get that tedious job done. Also, B and I looked at countertops last week and found a slab that we really like. We're still weighing our options though and are planning on going to a few more places to look. We're planning on going with caesarstone as it's impervious to heat and staining, but finding the right color is super hard. We like white with very faint gray marks in it.

Aside from that, we're trying to figure out what's next on our list of important projects that need to get done. This week we have people coming over to install our doors!!!! Please excuse my excitement, it's just that we haven't had doors on any of the rooms (except one bathroom, haha) for about six months. I can't wait to shut doors to hall closets and unfinished rooms. The next big thing on our list is to get the stairway finished... we have new treads for the existing staircase but we had a builder come over to check it out and the whole thing needs to be rebuilt. It's ok though because it'll make it easier to install new newel posts, spindles and possibly handrails. Lots of work, but it'll make a huge visual impact since you see the staircase right when you walk in.

We're also hoping to get the laundry room floor done soon. Our laundry room connects our house to our garage, so we want to use the same natural stone we plan on using for our front walkway (I believe it's bluestone). The same stone will eventually be used as flooring for our screened in back porch, but that's a ways away. We already have the cabinets for the laundry room, so it should be a super quick project to finish once the floors are in.

The last huge thing we're trying to figure out is our new front door. We're planning on a dutch door because we love the idea of opening it up halfway in the spring/summer. Along with the front door we also need new sidelites and a transom because it's easier to buy everything all done and prehung. It's going to be so nice to have a bunch of light coming in through the front door.

Here's a mockup of our new door design
Other than these big projects, we still have to finish painting ceilings, caulk, install vents, new light switch and outlet covers, as well as window trim and moulding (which I can't wait for!). We're trying to put our focus on the interior before we start doing things to the exterior. There's still a billion and one things to do, but it's all getting there.

New Year Goals

I try to make goals for myself every new year and (for the most part) every year I fail a month or two in... but not this year!
I know some of you follow me on my personal instagram and in my last post of 2019 I explained that while 2019 was amazing in some ways (marrying the love of my life!), I also suffered a ton of anxiety and felt super lost about what I was doing with my life. A huge cause of the anxiety was moving out of a house that was all done and perfect and into a new house (that we hadn't even started working on) in an area I wasn't super familiar with during B's busiest time of the year (so he was gone a LOT). I felt super isolated and useless. The wedding was over and I didn't know where to begin in this house. I also decided not to go back to school in the fall because of the anxiety and the feeling of not knowing what I'm doing. Long story short, by the end of December I was starting to feel better and was ready for a new start. 

So here I am now in 2020 and things are starting just the way I was hoping they would. I've managed to take an entire month off of instagram which has been the best thing ever. Every Sunday I get a notification letting me know how much time I spend on my phone and when I realized I was spending hours (plural) on my phone every day I was a little sick to my stomach. I think we're all guilty of the endless scrolling on instagram and the fear of missing out, but to think that I could be spending those hours a day doing something productive and enjoyable, I decided that would be my first goal of the year. I'm honestly a little sad that the month is almost up, because I've thoroughly enjoyed this break. I'm going to make a conscious effort to only go on it when I have an exciting update about the house.

Another one of my goals was to join a class of some sort at the local community center. We get the catalog for it in the mail and at the end of last summer I was thinking about signing up for an adult tap class for the fall but never did. I was happy to see that they offered it again for winter so I signed right up, ordered tap shoes on Amazon and googled what to wear (haha). I couldn't be happier with this decision. I'm in a class with six other people who are all over the age of 50-60 and knowing that I'm not the only beginner is a relief. While I'm starting to get it, last class I almost tripped myself during one of the moves and couldn't help but crack up with the other students about how my left leg doesn't want to move the same as my right. 

With all the free time I have not being on my phone, I decided to make reading a priority. Last year I read a few books which to me is extremely depressing. I used to read a ton and the fact that I can count on one hand how many books I read in 2019 is crazy! So as you can imagine, I made another one of my goals to read one book a week and so far I have. I'm currently reading Evvie Drake Starts Over which is a nice, light read after the last book I read titled Educated - which was AMAZING, but super heavy. The first book I read of 2020, One Day in December was the cutest and I read it in two days because it was that good. The second book was a book of essays titled I Miss You When I Blink which I bought based on the title (and the reviews) and was so entertaining at times that I literally laughed out loud which B always finds amusing and adorable. 

Making sure I take vitamins and herbal supplements daily has also helped with how I'm feeling. Lately, I've been taking vitamin d which has helped immensely with my energy level and mood, as well as ashwagandha. Along with making sure I take my vitamins daily, I've also been trying to eat better. Not having a kitchen for months was the worst because I actually enjoy cooking good food and I can finally do that. 

The next goal is written in my notes app on my phone as "work on more house stuffs and stop being so lazy." I'm not entirely sure if I was feeling "lazy" or just tired from lack of vitamins/sunshine, but I've been on a roll with house stuffs. Just today I managed to paint the windows in the den AND the first floor bedroom. While I normally don't mind painting, I find painting windows to be the bane of my existence, so getting one step closer to them being done makes me excited.

Anyways, sorry for the novel. I just wanted to let you know what was going on in real life and what goals I'm setting for myself. Back to your regularly schedule program later this week! Stay tuned :)